Every Day is the RM Show!

stu-griffinThey say that trapped within every young boy with an impish grin is a warped, nonsensical evil genius who will invariably blossom into a man with a sarcastic sense of humor, an interesting group of friends and an apartment with a view. What do “they” know, anyway?

I created this blog to form some kind of semblance of understanding to the myriad of information I come across in my daily life, and as a creative outlet. As a PR professional I am required to absorb as much knowledge on as many issues as possible on a daily basis. By knowing the latest trends, news, thoughts, likes and dislikes you are able to both serve your clients better and become a secret ninja of the night.

So…here it is. My thoughts, ruminations and experiences about a world that won’t stop feeding me information… and food.Ninja Kitteh


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