Umbrellas Reveal All…

Soggy PaperToday is a miserable day in DC. It’s mid-April (on the dot) and I think today is going to max out at about 45 degrees. Ugh. I don’t pretend to be a weather-person and will not discuss the rain/weather outside of my elevator rides and/or awkward co-worker interactions.

Instead I find it fascinating to watch the personality of umbrella weilders out on the street. What is it about carrying a long piece of metal and wood with 8 to 10 needle hooks that makes people really show their inner persona’s? Here are some of my faves:

The Dick – He thinks his ‘brolly is an SUV in a world of smart cars and plows through cross-walk crowds. I don’t like that guy.

The Forgetful Husband – “Honey, where’s my umbrella? I looked in there all I can see are That sucksyours.” This guy hates himself right now. Dark suit, wet shoes, briefcase and a clear plastic umbrella with bright yellow polk-a-dots.

Mary Poppins – Small woman, ENORMOUS golf umbrella. Why do you need the whole sidewalk?!


One response to “Umbrellas Reveal All…

  1. and when you’re 6’5″, mary poppins’ ginormous umbrella hits you square in the face, including its runoff.

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