Bullets, Not Bullets

If we lived in an America without bullets…

  • Guns would be no scarier than baseball bats;
  • Over 30,000 lives would be spared every year in the U.S.;
  • Hunters would be a lot more physically active, and creative;
  • 8 more children would live to see tomorrow;
  • The N.R.A. would just be the National Restaurant Association;
  • Over $200 million in N.R.A. lobbying money would be spent elsewhere;
  • Columbine would just be the name of a high school;
  • The U.S. would no longer lead the industrialized world in gun-related deaths;
  • This list would never exist.

**In honor of the 2nd anniversary of the VA Tech Massacre**

Today We Are All Hokies


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