Happy 1st Anniversary

Yeehaw!! Today marks the ONE YEAR anniversary of Act Normal! How exciting. Special thanks to me for writing every post, me for thinking up the content for every post, me for finding the pictures and videos to put in every post, YOU for reading the posts that I wrote and to the people of the world for continuing to act like the crazy, moronic, emphatic, glittery, wonderful, insane, unpredictable, troglodytes they are!

Over the past year we’ve seen some surprising stats for the blog (at least I was surprised, being the site’s most loyal reader)

67, 240 total visitors

180 visitors per day (on average)

8,244 visitors in October 2009 (our most popular month)

1,097,345 LOLs (an average of 31,352 LOLs per post!)

The most popular posts are Here Come the Furries and Urkel = Hipster Fashion God… weirdos.

So, in conclusion: screw hipsters, watch out for mean girls, gay is good, keep yiffing, wear teal, yes you did that, and happy iced to see you time!

Keep acting “normal”



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