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Advanced Emoticons

Because sometimes 🙂 just doesn’t cut it.

=^_^= – I am a furry, and I identify as a cat

|:-( – I wish I didn’t have a unibrow

:*D – I still have glitter on my face from Saturday night!

J:-( – I just got a bad haircut

o-<–< o+< – I’m currently giving birth

( . )( .) – I have a lop-sided boob, unfortunately

.-) – Life is good, even with one eye

(_*_) – You’re an asshole


Fly North to Pittsburgh

If you’ve read my post Here Come the Furries, you’ll already be familiar with Antrocon, the world’s largest furry convention held in the smarmy steel capital, Pittsburgh. The 2010 conference is happening this June and is only $45 to attend! If it was in Philadelphia I’d be there for sure. It’s pronounced “yiff” not “yinz” sheesh!

Here is a beautiful, short film I’ve painstakingly created to show how — like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly — I would find my way to Anthrocon 2010:

I’d also like to direct your attention to this “what is a furry” one-pager they’ve put together. The best line, “A large number of furry fans are employed in the scientific or technical fields.”

No. shit.

Happy 1st Anniversary

Yeehaw!! Today marks the ONE YEAR anniversary of Act Normal! How exciting. Special thanks to me for writing every post, me for thinking up the content for every post, me for finding the pictures and videos to put in every post, YOU for reading the posts that I wrote and to the people of the world for continuing to act like the crazy, moronic, emphatic, glittery, wonderful, insane, unpredictable, troglodytes they are!

Over the past year we’ve seen some surprising stats for the blog (at least I was surprised, being the site’s most loyal reader)

67, 240 total visitors

180 visitors per day (on average)

8,244 visitors in October 2009 (our most popular month)

1,097,345 LOLs (an average of 31,352 LOLs per post!)

The most popular posts are Here Come the Furries and Urkel = Hipster Fashion God… weirdos.

So, in conclusion: screw hipsters, watch out for mean girls, gay is good, keep yiffing, wear teal, yes you did that, and happy iced to see you time!

Keep acting “normal”


Here Come the Furries!

You know something I don’t understand? Furries. I’m a pretty open-minded person but this underground movement shocks, confuses and, quite frankly, scares the shit out of me. So, like any curious person, I decided to do some research and make an educated assessment before judging…

Furry fandom (also known as furrydom, furridom, fur fandom, furdom or “serfs in the kingdom of fucked up” – OK I made that up) refers to the fandom for fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. You might want to read that again.

Furry Beginnings

In layman’s terms: Furries are people who dress up in animal mascot-type suits and hang out with eachother at conventions and online. It is believed that the furry movement originated from people’s admiration for animal/human characters in books such as Watership Down and science-fiction comics back in the 1960’s. They’re oldskooool.

Mole Playing

So, here’s where it gets odd (hint of judgment): A major component of the furry lifestyle is roleplaying. Fans of furdom create personas “fursonas” – I did NOT make that up – for themselves. Many of these fursonas are acted out in online communities and forums. According to some strange study, over 60% of furries surveyed self-identify as carnivoras. Ummm, cool?


Unconventional Conventions

There are enough of these crazy critters to have entire conventions across North America and Europe. In 2006, 19 furry conventions took place around the world exceeding 9,900 attendees.The largest of these conventions, Anthrocon, is held annually in July at the illustrious Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh (fancy shmancy!). According to the Pittsburgh Union-Tribune this convention contributes almost $3 million to the city’s economy! I wonder how the ailing economy has affected the anthropomorphic, carnivora-mammalian demographic?

furry.group One Does Not Belong

The Dark Part of the Forest

Here’s where it gets freaky <—- (judgment): the recently conducted Furry Survey found that a growing number of furries consider themselves separate from “the fandom” and having “an important emotional/spiritual connection with an animal or animals, real, fictional or symbolic.” Think that’s weird? 6% of those surveyed did not consider themselves to be human at all!

The Horny, Brown Fox Jumps Over the Submissive Dog

Then there’s the sex. Oh furry sex… so much frottage, so little time! The sexuality associated with furries is a big source of controversy and conflict within the kingdom of fur. The term Yiff is commonly used to describe the sexual component of fur fandom – amazingly, “yiff” is onomatopoeia for the sound a fox makes when mating!! Love it! Many members of the furry community feel that the overly sexual component gives the rest of them a bad name, and may use the derogatory term “furvert” to describe such people. These furries love puns as much as I do! During my research I found MANY different terms for philias within the yiff subculture – it’s equal parts hilarious and disturbing if you’re interested. Highlights include: Plushophilia, Macrophilia, Vorarephilia and, of course, no subculture would be complete without the pedophiles who enjoy the Babyfurs.

The furries are, for the most part, ok. They still weird me out – and the yiff’s are just crazy, hideous nerds who I thank for covering their ugly bodies with masks and hiding in basements and indoor conventions.

For a plethora of information on the subject check out Wikifur

furries kidding