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Floppy-Haired Hipster Cows

Jaded hipster cows say…


Feeling Lost?

At what point will it be inappropriate to post things about Lost? I guess, if you just post inappropriate things, you  never have to worry!


If you don’t know what this is in reference to then you OBVIOUSLY don’t know the Lady Gaga. Please turn up your speaker volume and immerse yourself in her brilliance: http://www.ladygaga.com/telephone/.

Worth a Thousand Words

This photo from Awkward Family Photos is utterly amazing!! I could stare at it for hours and postulate about each family member’s lifestyle, dreams, thoughts and/or dark secrets. The father’s shorts and posture, the mother’s face, the DAUGHTER’S FACE and that Princess Leia dress!! Oh man. I would love a “where are they now.”

Way Awks

Photo Caption: Watch Your Back

How phobias begin…

Increasingly Frightening

Photo via Flickr

Photo Caption: A Bug’s Strife

Oh…hey guys! So what’s up?
A Bug's Strife

Photo Caption: It’s All In The Packaging

Would the world be as afraid of “Babe Ailment?”